Registering with the Tax Agency

Planning on staying in Sweden for more than a year or work here? Then you need to register, in person, at your local Swedish Tax Agency office.

ima108480-800x450.jpgRegister to get your personal identity number

Registering with the Tax Agency unlocks many Swedish social and healthcare benefits. It’s also how you can get your personal identity number (“personnummer”) needed for most transactions in Sweden like opening a bank account, visiting a doctor and getting insurance. Your address, civil status and any relationship to your spouse, children or parent will also be registered. To get your personal identity number can take up to a couple of months, so you need to apply as soon as possible.  

If you plan to stay and work in Sweden for less than a year, you also need to register with the Swedish Tax Agency.

Prepare for your visit to the Tax Agency and find out what documents you’ll need to bring with you by completing the “Move to Sweden” section of their site Swedish Tax Agency – Moving to Sweden.

Do ensure that the appropriate paperwork is filled out completely to avoid unneccesary delays in processing time. Among other things, when you submit your address on the forms you should also include the apartment number, which is a 4 digit number that signifies where the apartment is located inside the building. For example, Storgatan 21A LGH 1402. LGH is the abbreviation for "lägenhet", or apartment, in Swedish. This number will often be written on your rental contract, or you can ask your landlord. More information about this number can be found at

Visit the local Tax Agency service office in Uppsala at Ebba Boströms Gata 7. It’s open weekdays 10.00–16.00.

The Swedish Tax Agency also offers monthly webinars in English for those new to Sweden which provide information about the population registry and basic tax info. 


Applying for a Swedish ID Card

Once you have your personal identity number, you can apply for a Swedish ID card. This card is invaluable in Sweden. You need to show proof of ID a lot – like when you’re picking up parcels, opening bank accounts, or dealing with authorities. Your card also includes electronic identification for secure online verification.

Anyone aged 13 or over and registered as living in Sweden can apply for an ID card. You apply at a Swedish Tax Agency service office and you’ll need to identify yourself with approved documentation. There is an application fee of SEK 400, which you pay before your visit to the office.

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