Innovation climate

The innovation ecosystem around Uppsala’s two universities isn’t only one of Sweden’s best; it’s internationally competitive too.

Factors that favour innovation

Whatever phase your idea or business is in, you’ll find a consistent, supportive and efficient environment to help your plans prosper. Skype, Valueguard, Klarna and Daniel Wellington… They all started in Uppsala!

  • Density – two world-class universities, two university hospitals and cutting-edge industries
  • Sustainability – numerous awards within the sustainability space and thought leadership
  • Creativity – steady in-flow of talent nurturing a climate for new ideas based on critical thinking
  • History – rooted in 1500 years of breaking new ground; Linnaeus, 15 Nobel laurates, Pharmacia and more


Uppsala University Innovation (UU Innovation), along with many key innovation players, are found in Uppsala Science Park. Researchers can get help with early-stage business development, financing and patenting, for example. Investors and entrepreneurs can come into contact with cutting edge ideas and results generated by researchers and students at Uppsala University, and get involved in bringing innovative solutions out onto the market.


Stuns is a fast-moving, independent player in Uppsala’s innovation ecosystem, serving the innovative needs through collaborations between public and private actors. Stuns spot key challenges and solves them by initiating solution-focused pilot programmes through their own frameworks. 

We connect people, organizations and ideas – in order to enhance collaborations and co-creating a sustainable system transformation for the benefit of all stakeholders in our ecosystem.

Andreas Larsson, CEO Stuns


Uppsala Innovation Centre (UIC) is one of Sweden’s leading business accelerators, and one of the world’s top five public business incubators as ranked by UBI Global. UIC has a particular focus on growth companies with a high survival rate, supporting 60 new niche projects or start-ups every year. Extraordinarily, 90 per cent of UIC supported companies are still thriving today.

Visit the official Verksamt business site to see what support is available for your business in Sweden. 


Taking the lead in sustainable development

With two top ranked universities, innovative business clusters and high ambitions from authorities to take lead in the climate transition – Uppsala is a true sustainable beacon.

The Uppsala Climate Protocol is a local network and a successful example of how the public and private sectors can work together to reduce Uppsala’s climate emissions.

The Uppsala County Administrative Board leads the regional work with the energy transition and the reduction of climate impact. It coordinates these efforts and provides industry actors, municipalities and authorities with support relating to these issues.

Uppsala Municipality has high ambitions to be a national and global leader in sustainability. The municipality was named the national winner in WWF’s international One Planet City Challenge 2020.



Why Uppsala?