Upcoming events in Uppsala

On this page you will find a variety of activities and events organized for you as an international in Uppsala, such as informational meetings/webinars, career development activities, social events and our online advice sessions Ask the Hub. In addition to the events organized by Uppsala International Hub, we periodically link to external events that are relevant to internationals in Uppsala.

You’re awesome – I’ve already attended some online events and it was great.

— Anonymous (from Hub survey)

Upcoming events in Uppsala

29 Jun 2022

International Afterwork in the park, 29 june

2022-06-29 | In-person event

31 Dec 2024

Events happening around Uppsala

2024-12-31 | General

Meet our internationals

"If you plan to go here – remember to ask for help if you need it. The Swedes are very kind and helpful, but they won’t help you until you ask for it." Ruisheng Xiong

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