Opening a Swedish bank account

Cash is no longer king in Sweden, actually many services and shops no longer accept it. You need a credit card and basic bank payment services to get around.

Everyone in Sweden is entitled to a bank account and basic payment services. To open a Swedish bank account you need to go to a bank in person. Before you go, make sure you:


Get to know Swish

Swish app cash register_PR-800x450.jpg

In cash-free Sweden you’ll hear people saying “I’ll Swish you!” all the time. Swish is a popular payment app, similar to Venmo in the US, that lets you instantly send money to anyone else who has the app. You can even pay with Swish in some shops.


Get a Bank ID

Bank ID is a quick and simple way to identify yourself online, confirm online payments and approve transactions.


Paying your bills

Can I pay a Swedish bill without a Swedish bank account? Yes. Forex bank and other services can help you get it paid, although they will charge a fee for handling the payment.


Curious about cost of living in Sweden?

Living costs in Sweden ranks quite normal amongst countries in Western Europe. There are several international web sites comparing costs in different countries. 

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