Swedish for Expats Beginner's Course

Join our Swedish for Expats course organized by Uppsala International Hub and Grow Internationals

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Welcome to the Swedish for Expats Course Winter 2023!

Are you interested in studying Swedish? Or have you started studying but feel like you are not progressing quickly enough? Are you highly motivated to take your language skills to the next level? Then this course is for you!

Uppsala International Hub and Grow Internationals have partnered up to offer an intensive Swedish language course in Uppsala. The ‘Swedish for Expats’ course is designed for those who want to develop their basic Swedish language skills (A1-A2) and are keen to advance in a fast-paced, highly interactive course. The course will be one group of maximum 12 people and will focus on helping students become confident in basic Swedish and provide the tools needed for speaking Swedish in everyday life.

As space is limited, we ask that you fill out the short application found on the bottom left of this page before 14 December. Applicants will be notified about acceptance into the program by 21 December.

Who, when, where, how much:

Who: The program is available to internationals living in Uppsala who are keen to learn basic Swedish. All are welcome to apply, but priority will be given to those who are currently unemployed and looking for work.

When: The training will be comprised of 15 sessions over 5 weeks, from 16 January until 17 February, meeting three times a week on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 10.00-12.15. The course includes a total of 40 lessons as each session includes three 45-minute lessons. The Spring schedule is as follows:

Week 3: January 16, 18, 20

Week 4: January 23, 25, 27

Week 5: January 30, and February 1, 3  

Week 6: February 6, 8, 10

Week 7: February 13, 15, 17

Where: This series will be held at Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan in Uppsala city centre. All sessions will be in-person, with no digital option. 

How much: This training is offered free of charge for those accepted (including all printed material, one textbook and one exercise book).

As this course is in high demand, if you are accepted to the program and miss more than 2 sessions, you will be asked to pay a penalty fee of SEK 300.

What have others said about this training in the past?

"Our teacher puts a lot of effort into the classes. We are a diverse group from China, France, Ireland, and Belgium. She does a wonderful job explaining so that everyone can understand." - Kimmie, Belgium

“My instructor made the lessons extremely accessible, and even enjoyable. She was positive and encouraging throughout each of our lessons, which made me feel supported and motivated to learn. My language level notably improved and I gained so much more confidence in speaking." - Holly, U.S.

"At the Swedish for Expats courses, I gained a lot more than vocabulary and cultural knowledge. I gained a core group of friends that I still get together with." - Alison, Ireland


Have questions? You can contact Uppsala International Hub at international@uppsala.se

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