Learning Swedish

English is spoken pretty much everywhere in Sweden. But if you’re planning to make Sweden your home, learning Swedish is a smart way to go about it. Here are our tips for getting started.

Swedish For Immigrants (SFI)

All regions offer Swedish for Immigrants (SFI), a free full or part-time course that will get you to grips with the

basics. The SFI team assesses your language and works out a study plan for you. There’s even a special version of SFI for vocationally trained professionals, called SFX.




Folkuniversitetet is an adult education programme offering a huge range of learning options, including Swedish

as a foreign language. There is a Folkuniversitetet right here in Uppsala.


The Swedish Institute (SI)

This free, online course for beginners is a fast-track to learning Swedish wherever you are. With plenty of self-

study material, SI covers basic spoken and written language, plus an introduction to Swedish culture and



Grow Internationals

Grow Internationals offers online private Swedish language lessons (one-on-one or two-on-one) with teachers who have experience teaching expats and foreign professionals.


Swedish for academics

The Department of Scandinavian Languages at Uppsala University offers a range of courses designed to arm

scholars and employees at the university with basic Swedish language skills. The courses are free but space is

limited, with applicants admitted on a first come, first served basis.


Swedish for healthcare employees

For international healthcare employees, Uppsala Folkhögskola offers in-house Swedish healthcare language training


Borrow a Swedish language lesson 

At Uppsala Library you can borrow e-books in most subjects, including Swedish language lessons from different languages, for free. First you must apply for a membership.  If you have no Swedish address or personal identification number yet, you must apply at the library.

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