Uppsala Circle

06 Mar 2024 In-person

Time: 17:30-20:30

Location: central location confirmed upon registration


Are you an avid reader who enjoys meaningful dialogue and discovery? 


Join us for this exciting new book club where we journey through the realms of knowledge and insight! Uppsala Circle is more than a book club; it's a forum for intellectual exploration and social interaction. It is tailored to people who are keen to deepen their understanding of the world around us: our direction, societal trends, the roots of human behavior, the principles governing nature, and our collective future.


We explore a wide range of influential works spanning the sciences and humanities. These books introduce concepts and ideas frequently encountered in news, television, or online. We trace them back to their origins and authors. Additionally, we delve into contemporary literature found in city bookshops, at the airports, or on recommended lists of major newspapers. Reading transforms us into more informed and well-rounded individuals. 


The first reading has already been announced - register to find out more!


We hope to see you there!